Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24.0

A free a simple mail client from the makers of Firefox with strong encryption

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    EN 24.0

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    Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows NT / Windows XP

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Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24.0
Mozilla Thunderbird 24.0 EN

Mozilla Thunderbird comes from the same developers who created Firefox, and it offers desktop email support that rivals Outlook, Microsoft's benchmark email client.

This software is not only free to use, but it has won several awards for its email management solutions. It has the ability to work with virtual identities, and its spam filter is second to none. The current version includes a sleek user interface with email tabs for intuitive management and organization.

One of the most alluring features of Firefox is that it can be upgraded and personalized with extensions, and that same functionality has been extended to Thunderbird. Thanks to the new Gecko 5 engine, the app is more stable and quick than it has ever been.

Once you've downloaded and installed Thunderbird, setup is a breeze. You can easily set up IMAP, SMTP, or POP3 accounts, and you can import contacts and existing mail from your current email client. The software includes a number of advanced filters that help you keep you mail organized. To ensure maximum professionalism, the app features integrated spell-checking functionality.

Interestingly, Thunderbird also comes with a built-in RSS reader. Most people who follow RSS feeds either use Firefox or another app to view these feeds, but the additional support through Thunderbird can be useful for staying fully connected.

This app features an advanced search tool that begins a search as soon as you start typing. These real-time searches are displayed automatically in a dedicated tab. Like many web browsers and email clients, tabs allow for easier visual organization. This feature also helps you limit the number of active messages you have open at one time. You can also use the Archive feature to clear your inbox without actually deleting any emails.

In many cases, mail clients like this that operate on an open-source system are susceptible to security risks, but Thunderbird doesn't have this issue. The spam filter is essentially infallible, and the app itself uses sophisticated encryption to protect your communications. The open-source nature of the app is actually a good thing since it promotes volunteer efforts to improve the software. Regular updates are issued to better protect the software from threats.

Users who take advantage of the powerful Office productivity suite from Windows will be pleased to learn that the newest version of Thunderbird supports Microsoft Exchange.

There are still some areas that could be improved in Thunderbird. There is no integrated conversation-style for viewing emails in a natural conversational progression, but such functionality can be added with an extension. The software doesn't have an integrated calendar, but you can add one with another extension. Considering that this is a free email client, it performs extremely well.


  • Multiple Extensions
  • Microsoft Exchange Support
  • Free
  • Virtual Identity Compatible
  • Intelligent Spam Filter
  • Simple Contact Importing
  • Powerful Encryption


  • Requires Separate Download for Conversation-Style View
  • Requires Separate Download for Calendar

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, desktop email program for use with the web browser Firefox. It is similar to Microsoft Outlook but was specifically designed by Mozilla to offer better features, including an extremely powerful spam filter.

The program is very fast, efficient, and easy to use. It uses the Gecko 5 engine for extremely fast and stable processing and usage. You can quickly and painlessly switch from other email programs like Outlook and Mail by effortlessly importing your contacts and emails.

The program has won awards and is commonly known for being efficient and easy to use. It includes some features like:

  • Virtual identities
  • Many program extensions
  • Simple tools for importing contacts
  • Powerful spam filtering that learns over time
  • Microsoft Exchange support
  • Certificate encryption and support
  • Multi-tabbed interface
  • Options for POP3, IMAP, or SMTP accounts
  • Filtering for mail delivery to different folders
  • Powerful search feature
  • Built-in spell checker

There are also several other extensions that you can add to the program by downloading them separately, including a conversation style message view and a calendar feature.

The program is managed by volunteers who are dedicated to constantly updating and maintaining the software to make it better. There are regular security updates available to ensure that your email is always kept private and confidential.

Mozilla Thunderbird is ideal as a free email software program for those who use Firefox or for anyone who wants to switch from their current desktop email program.


  • Completely free software download
  • Powerful spam filter
  • Certificate encryption and support
  • Lots of additional extensions available


  • Many of the extensions are downloaded separately
  • Limited management of attachments and photos

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